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Main » 2012 » August » 12 » 10 Smallest Countries
1:01 PM
10 Smallest Countries

Each of these countries is not more than 518 km ² (200 square miles). Even Singapore - did not get into the list, because the territory is 637 km ².

10. Maldive Islands (298 km ²)

Number of islands that make up this country, is the tenth part of two thousand islands of the Indian Ocean. The country became independent from Britain in 1965. Population - 181 thousand, the official language - Divehi and English.

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis (269 km ²)

This Caribbean country with a population of 41 thousand people gained independence in 1983. Exports sugar, shellfish, electronics, light industry products. Official language - English.

8. Seychelles (217 km ²)

The smallest sovereign state in Africa. In 1976, 69 thousand people became independent from Britain. The official languages are Creole, French and English. The basis of the state economy - tourism.

7. Marshall Islands (180 km ²)

Marshall Islands - is an archipelago of coral reefs and islets. Population - 52 thousand, the official language - English. Formally, subject to the British crown, despite the gained independence in 1986. Revenue is copra, phosphates and fish. An important source of revenue was tourism.

6. Liechtenstein (160 km ²)

Tiny state with a population of 29 thousand people located in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria.

Exports food, stamps, microchips, dental instruments. Liechtenstein - developed industrial country with a strong financial services sector and high living.

By origin the population consists mainly of Austrians, Germans and Swiss. 33% of the population - foreigners. Official language - German, several dialects exists.

5. San Marino (61 km ²)

The state is located in the center of Italy, on the hillside Titan. Population - 28 thousand people, the official language - Italian.

Citizens are proud that the state belongs to the oldest countries in Europe. According to ancient sources, San Marino was founded in 301 by a stonemason Marynusom, who came to this earth, looking for salvation from the Roman Emperor Diocletian, known hatred of Christians. Marynus hid on Mount Titan (701 m) and founded a small Christian community. At that time the owner of the land Felitsyssima, bequeathed this land to the community. The area originally was called "Holy Land Marynusa" from here is San Marino.

Surprisingly, it is poverty and natural awkward position allowed this country to save actual independence. San Marino operates on a Constitution from the 17 century. The country managed by the Council of sixty.

After World War II San Marino opynalasya among the poorest countries in Europe. But now the country annually attends three million tourists and is one of the heads of state revenue items. San marino exports wine, ceramics, paints, chemicals and building stone. Because of this, the inhabitants of San Marino are among the richest in Europe.

4. Tuvalu (26 km ²)

Tuvalu - a country with a population of 10.5 thousand, which is located in Oceania (French Polynesia) in the chain of nine coral atolls in the South-West Pacific. Maybe in 50 years this small island will disappear if the ocean water level rises. Even if ocean levels will not riese, Tuvalu has some serious problems, rise in the population of the nation and the erosion of the coast.

3. Nauru (21 km ²)

Nauru - the smallest island country in the world, located in the southwestern Pacific to Polynesia to the west of Kiribati, also is the only republic in the world without equity. Number of residents - 13 thousand.

In the 1970s, indigenous people were the richest people on the planet. Source income of the country are phosphates. At that time the government employed 95% of its citizens, provided for his people free health care and education. Although not all residents appreciated this - only a third of children went to school.

But nothing lasts forever: stocks of phosphate was used up to the end and 90% of the island had unproductive land. Everywhere remained mines.

But this is not the only problem. Most people suffer from obesity. Slow way of life, a lot of alcohol and fatty foods - and 9 out of 10 people are overweight. In addition, Nauru has the highest incidence of diabetes - over 40% of the population.

2. Monaco (1.96 km ²)

Monaco is the second smallest country on Earth, but most densely populated (23,660 inhabitants per 1 km ²). The last seven centuries, power belonged to Grimaldi family from Genoa. Now the Prince shares legislative power with the National Council.

In Monaco the ratio of indigenous inhabitants to visitors - 1:5. What is the cause? For a long time in Monaco there was no income tax set. This resulted in massive influx of wealthy foreigners in the country, rich businessmen and owners of large corporations. After much debate with France, very dissatisfied with the movement of their business along with their capitals in a neighboring state, income tax was introduced. But only for non indigenous residents.

1. Vatican City (0.44 km ²)

Perhaps the Vatican is a small country, but very powerful. It is an independent territory of the Holy See of the Catholic Church, whose supporters are nearly a billion people on the planet.

The smallest country in the world the size of a golf course located in Rome and has 770 thousand inhabitants. Inhabitants of the countryconsider those who work.

The country is guarded be the smallest and oldest army in the world, the Swiss Guards. They were formed be Swiss merchants in 1506. Now the army has 100 people, all single Catholics, citizens of Switzerland.

Vatican official languages are Latin and Italian. The economy is exceptional: it is the only non-profit world economy. Money received from donations Vatican Catholics around the world, selling stamps, books and tourism. One more thing: as a spiritual center, Vatican does not collect taxes.
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